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With this work and your commitment, we are a growing community of collective care!  We ask and empower everyone involved with the upkeep of these fridges, that you treat them as your own, and that you respect the spaces that you share with others.  These fridges might be powered by one household, but it will take a community to keep them going.  With your involvement and your support, we ask that every visit to the fridge be treated as a labor of love, and that you take initiative to offer what you can and to communicate what you cannot. This is a tender space to be accountable and to be supported.  

Community fridges need to be cleaned an organized regularly.


              Sign Up to Clean a Fridge

Once you have signed up, it is important that you keep your commitment to the best of your ability. If you are unable to keep your commitment, please remove your name from the calendar so that others may sign up.


Anyone who wishes to be part of the NOCF community can stock any fridge on their own at any time.

               Learn How to Stock a Fridge


We are not able to facilitate the placement of new fridges at this time.

If you are a current host, and need assistance with a fridge, please use the contact form.


Anyone in need of food or drink for any reason may take from any fridge at any time. With that in mind, please be conscious of the needs of others and your community. Do not take more than you need.


NOCF receives monetary donations from the community as a way of providing assistance to folks that would like to be a part of the movement without the means to do so.  Simply put, this offering back to our community looks like fridge purchases and repairs, supplies for powering and sheltering fridges, assistance in covering electricity bills, purchasing of hand sanitizer and dispensers, operating costs, etc.  NOCF also contracts and invests in BIPOC local artists to beautify the fridges and their shelters as well as include.  NOCF funds also go to buy ingredients for chefs who are cooking for the fridges.  BIPOC chefs can also receive a stipend for the time they spend cooking.  

Cashapp Donations: @nolacommunityfridges


Paypal Donations: 

Donations are handled by several volunteer community members and 100% of all funds go towards fridge upkeep and programs.

NOCF also occasionally requires donated fridges as well. Please visit the contact form if you have a clean and functional fridge to donate.

If you are a food establishment and wish to make regular donations that require pick ups, click here to make contact.


The NOCF community gathers funds through donations to pay local BIPOC technicians and artists to maintain and  beautify the community fridges of new Orleans. 

We sometimes have openings for the following paid work (pending donated funds):

1) Fridge shelter building

2) Artwork/Beautification of fridges and shelters

3) Fridge Repair / Transporting broken or donated fridges

4) Paid food preparation on a medium to large scale

Did you visit a fridge? Post what you saw - Nola Fridges (NOCF) - Community Page 

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