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With this work and your commitment, we are a growing community of collective care!  We ask and empower everyone involved with the upkeep of these fridges, that you treat them as your own, and that you respect the spaces that you share with others.  These fridges might be powered by one household, but it will take a community to keep them going.  With your involvement and your support, we ask that every visit to the fridge be treated as a labor of love, and that you take initiative to offer what you can and to communicate what you cannot. This is a tender space to be accountable and to be supported.  


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Please visit our FAQ for more information on how to stock a fridge.



Hosting a Community Fridge starts with providing a space (with a power source!) where your community can easily access the fridge for donating and receiving at any time.  Hosting a fridge also means that you are introducing yourself to your neighbors as a new Community Fridge host!  We encourage hosts to take their new community role as a way to inspire and involve the support of their neighbors in making sure that this effort is collectively impactful.

NOCF’s intention with Community Fridges is to normalize mutual aid and strengthen the bond created within community care; a fridge in your neighborhood brings you closer to your neighbor.  NOCF unequivocally does not support the intervention of law enforcement or policing of each other. If you feel that someone is interacting with your fridge in a way that is not in line with the intentions, please be sure to check your biases first. Then, check in with your community to find solutions that address the root of your concern.

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NOCF receives donations from the community as a way of providing assistance to folks that would like to be a part of the movement without the means to do so.  Simply put, this offering back to our community looks like fridge purchases and repairs, supplies for powering and sheltering fridges, assistance in covering electricity bills, purchasing of hand sanitizer and dispensers, operating costs, etc.  NOCF has recently begun to contract and invest in BIPOC local artists to beautify the fridges and their shelters as well as include and support the supplies for community chefs looking to make consistent bulk donations of prepared meals.  While monetary donations are welcome and received either via our GoFundMe or our Venmo account @NO-CF, we also welcome the offerings of other resources from our community.  If you’d like to know more about how to support the Community Fridges, please contact us!”