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How to Stock a Community Fridge

Who can stock a fridge?

Anyone can stock a fridge at any time according to these CDC guidelines and the guidelines on this page.


You do not need to contact anyone before stocking a fridge. 


If you have a question about how to stock a fridge, this is the page to be, so continue reading.

What can the fridges be stocked with?

Fridges are always looking for :

    - fresh produce in good condition

    - pre-prepared meals (homemade or store-bought)

    - unopened non-perishables & canned goods

    - unopened drinks

Fridges DO NOT accept:

    - raw meat of any kind

    - eggs without dates

    - rotten or otherwise dangerous foods

If a fridge is full or not functioning properly, please do not leave your fresh or non-perishable donation! Check out other fridge locations to see if there is another fridge close by but also see if you can offer to an encampment or someone else that might need food in the city. If you can’t do this, please keep the food until a donation is needed.

How often do fridges need to be stocked?

Food turnover rates are high and fridges are typically filled and emptied a number of times daily.

Can I make homemade meals to share?


Yes! When doing so, please wear a mask and gloves while preparing meals, and adhere to CDC guidelines for safe food preparation and storage ( Additionally use a permanent marker or sticker to date when the food was prepared. 

What about food handling and COVID-19 precautions? Is sharing homemade food with the public legal?

As of June 25, 2020, the CDC reported that the risk of contracting COVID19 from food you cook yourself or from handling or consuming food from a restaurant is very low.


For more information about the legality of donating food to the public, please see Louisiana Food Waste Policy and the  Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act (

Who is responsible for keeping fridges clean?

Routine cleaning of NOCF fridges is a community effort that is taken on by anyone who wishes to participate. 

Is there a way to see when donations are dropped at a fridge or when a fridge is empty?

At this time, there is no real-time online system to see the status of a fridge's contents.


We do have a Facebook page 'NOLA Fridges (NOCF) - Community' where community members can update when they fill a fridge, want to list a fridge's contents, or notice when a fridge needs some love. Posts in this group do not group are a guarantee of a fridge's status but can act as a guide to what's available.

I have other questions not answered here. Where can I get answers?

Please visit the FAQ for more information.

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