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“The work we do is a collective effort focused on creating resources that empower our communities, and supporting those voices that are marginalized.  We believe that mutual aid and accountability are the keys to developing a sustainable impact in the falsehood of food scarcity.”

NOCF is a mutual aid effort that provides a network to empower our neighbors in supporting each other through the offering of free food in Community Fridges. With the presence of Community Fridges, everyone has the opportunity to provide and to receive collective care as we work towards dismantling the systems that oppress us.  No one is fed, until everyone is fed.

NOCF has been adapting existing models, heavily inspired by NYC and Los Angeles, to create networks that specifically support our New Orleans communities.

With this work, we are a growing resource guide for any person in New Orleans that would like to directly support their community through free food. These roles of involvement vary from being a fridge/food/monetary donor, a fridge host, a fridge keeper, a fridge visitor/user, an artist, a builder, an activist, and everyone in between and also across.

NOCF assists in connecting the dots required to get a successful Community Fridge up and running.  We have been building a network that we are excited to connect you to so that your Community Fridge can be consistently supported and sustained by you and your community.  Through our network, we are able to connect fridges to hosts, hosts to volunteers, volunteers to fridge needs, fridges needing artists, and fridges needing builders for shelter. 


NOCF has received donations from the community as a way of providing assistance to folks that would like to be a part of the movement without the means to do so.  Simply put, this offering back to our community looks like fridge purchases and repairs, supplies for powering and sheltering fridges, assistance in covering electricity bills, compensating BIPOC local artists, providing funds to Community Shoppers and chefs, and other operating costs, etc.

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Did you visit a fridge? Post what you saw - Nola Fridges (NOCF) - Community Page 

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